Who is Behind Flanders Filters?

AAF International, a subsidiary of Daikin Industries, is the driving force behind Flanders Filters. With production, storage and distribution facilities in 22 countries across four continents, AAF Flanders has been a major contributor to the improvement of indoor air quality. They design, manufacture, market and distribute air filters and related products, making them the largest American manufacturer of air filters used in many industries. These include commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials, chemicals, biological products, radiological and material processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, nuclear energy and processing of nuclear materials. Flanders Corporation has been focusing on creating air filtration systems that keep air clean in residential and commercial environments since the early years of the new decade.

They have also been looking to expand their reach into other segments of the air filter market that require higher performance filters for commercial and residential spaces. Since its founding until the late 1950s, Flanders has been supplying filters to atomic energy reactors and nuclear fuel manufacturing plants, making them one of the first companies to compete in this specialized market. Flanders Corporation designs and manufactures air filters that are used in homes, commercial office buildings and a wide range of industries that need to maintain specialized manufacturing environments. Their products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance while providing cost-effective solutions for their customers.

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